Daniel Barwick started TURFNET 14 years ago, a company specialising in landscaping and turf maintenance. In this time he realised how diseased and poor our plants and turf are even with conventional nutrient applications. He started his own composting operation and then later vermiculture and now compost teas to provide a full spectrum of organic applications to rehabilitate and maintain our soils.


Various soil ameliorants are produced on site from a wide range of materials sourced. Compost, vermicasts and compost teas are blended to suite specific soil needs.

TURFNET specialises in landscaping, planting and the maintenance thereof afterwards.

PURE SOIL specialises in the supply of organic treatments for land rehabilitation such as mine dumps or road cuttings & abandoned agricultural fields. With over 250 employees & a wide range of equipment, no task is too big.


a. Vision statement
Our vision is PLANET REPAIR. Starting in Africa, we are going to rehabilitate and maintain soils that have been abused.

b. Mission statementCurrently one of the largest landscapers and producers of organic material in Gauteng, we are already treating many projects organically with huge success. This we will increase locally, providing healthier living environments for all.

c. ValuesOur core ethics are to live and breathe planet repair. We have been dumping industrial waste onto our soils for sixty odd years now, because that is all that inorganic fertiliser is. We are what we eat. Let’s produce healthy food and healthy parks and sports fields for a healthier life. From home owners to corporate bodies that have anything to do with our planet’s soil, we have the recipe for you.

d. Business goals & objectivesTo educate as well as supply all stakeholders involved in our planets soil, with knowledge and organic soil ameliorants. To develop new blends making use of paramagnetism, aloe and clay, making us leaders in organic material.

e. Growth strategyFrom suburban and urban landscaping we intend to expand into mining and corporate agriculture, the biggest stake holders destroying soils and polluting our streams and rivers with runoff inorganic elements. This would happen by means of rehab projects and then contractual maintenance and support. The introduction of our registered trade mark, PURE SOIL, which would be an industry first. This medium is based on fungally dominated compost, blended with clay, inoculated with protozoal teas produced by us and added to this, paramagnetic dust and vermicasts. Providing you, with the richest, healthiest medium for specific conditions and uses. A first for South Africa.